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About The Florida Spectator…


Welcome to The Florida Spectator – Your Guide to All Things Florida!

From odd and quirky roadside stops in UNIQUELY FLORIDA to the fantastic wildlife conservation projects in AMAZING ANIMALS, the Florida Spectator strives to be your Florida go-to destination spot. The Sunshine State boasts incredible BEACHES and is the number one destination for FAMILY TRAVEL.

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About Us

We’re Cheryl MacDonald and Lisa Chavis of What Boundaries Travel Media and we’ve been traveling together since 2007! Our blogs What Boundaries Travel and The Travel Pharmacist provide the travel community with a wealth of destination and health/wellness information. With the launch of The Florida Spectator we’re now able to share the love we have for our home state with others.


We work with brands and tourism boards to provide timely Florida destination and product information to our readers. If you would like more information about how we might work well together, please send us an email. We love sharing our passion for Florida!